Here's how it works (5 steps to Doughnut Success):
  1. Four varieties of Doughnut (or donut if y'all from stateside) go LIVE every Wednesday at 2.30pm.
  2. .We have a pre-determined order placed with The Doughnut Family, so the levels are very much limited. If you're not fast, you're last :)
  3. The Doughnut Family deliver the doughnuts fresh to us every Thursday and we complete your TVK Supermarket order.
  4. DPD pick your order up from us around 4pm and you get a notification text to let you know it is in transit (You also get a 1 hour delivery window).
  5. You receive your doughnuts the next day (or the day after if you are in a 2 day Zone such as the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland). (NB - 2 day zones CANNOT check out on a Wednesday with Doughnuts in their basket, as DPD do not deliver to 2 day zones on a Saturday when they would be scheduled to arrive with you).
  6. You eat them. You smile :) You get an early night, and dream happy dreams.


  • These are old school fried doughnuts and they are a MEAL! You can heat them up in the microwave if you want to soften them.
  • They can be frozen and left to defrost at room temperature if you don't have room in your tummy :) .


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