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Let’s face it, none of us are getting out of here alive. Though, the research definitely suggests that the high nutrient consumption of a vegan diet may improve longevity. A longer and fuller life is something we all want, but what about the animals? Do they not deserve a natural existence, living their lives out as full as possible, without human intervention? By being vegan, you are allowing animals their natural lives and doing the planet a MASSIVE favour too. It is win-win-win.

Are you vegetarian, but considering going vegan? That was us once upon a time, and since going vegan we have never felt more energetic, happy, fulfilled and positive about the future of the planet. Veganism is growing exponentially, with more and more people going from carnism to veganism, and vegetarianism seeming like a stop-gap along the way which is less and less required. The logic that made people go vegetarian “I don’t want death and cruelty to form part of my diet”, now leads people to become vegan.

A multi-year study of over 50,000 respondents included non-vegetarians, vegetarians, and vegans.  As per the responses, diabetes occurred 4x more frequently in non-vegetarians than vegans, and twice as often as vegetarians who consume dairy. Overall, vegan-centered diets provided greater protection regardless of ethnicity against diabetes for all respondents.

So, Vegetarian Vs Vegan. What is the difference?

A vegetarian does not eat any seafood or meat, anything that needs to be killed, but typically they will still eat dairy and/or eggs as they believe there is no death, harm or cruelty in the production of these items. They will not wear leather, fur, or any products in which an animal had to die to be produced. This is the most general definition of vegetarian but personal choices may lead to all kinds of exclusions.

A vegan is someone who does not eat any animal products neither meat, seafood, dairy nor eggs. They will not consume or use any product at all in which an animal or any derivative of an animal has formed an ‘ingredient’ of that product. A vegan believes animals and humans are all earthlings which have the same right to life, and have the same ability to feel pain and sadness. A vegan is someone who believes all animals are here with us on planet earth, and not for us. They want to live with animals in peace, and allow them to live their normal, natural life cycle, without the now widely acknowledged gross-misuse of their existence.

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The Journey.

It is very common for vegetarians to reach a point on their journey where they find out that the egg and dairy industry is far from cruelty-free, and that a calf being taken from its mother so humans can have the milk is actually one of the cruelest exploitations of animals that there is. When a human mother produces milk, it is meant for one recipient and one recipient only – her babies. A cow is no different. Neither is a dog, or a cat, or a sheep, or a pig. Forcibly impregnating someone or something, so that you can take away the baby and then steal the milk cannot ever be classed as ‘cruelty-free’, so for those of you who do not consume meat, but still consume dairy, this may be a moment of clarity for you.

Further to this, people will usually become aware that in the egg industry, baby chicks are ground alive within days of being born as they are not suitable for the laying of eggs.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube around both of these topics, however we would urge you to save yourselves the trauma, and just take our word for it. They are not nice to see, to put it mildly. We would recommend instead that you seek to watch Cowspiracy and Earthlings, two of the best documentaries you will see on the planet, and how humans are destroying it through their treatment of animals.

Although these are 2 of the main realisations that will make a vegetarian explore veganism, there is also often a general realization that animals have been entirely commoditized by Man, and that they are being treated as products and not lives. The Milk aisles up and down every supermarket across the world; the clothing being worn; the creams and cheeses being sold and used in other products as ingredients – if you think about it too much, it can be difficult to take in. The amount of animal exploitation going on is scary, but fear not as veganism is ON THE RISE, hugely.

Further to the animal-cruelty angle, there are more and more people exploring veganism due to the ecological impact that the meat and dairy industry is having on the planet. The transportation of meat and dairy across the globe, as well as the water consumption and abundance of land clearance are leading to an ecological time bomb, and documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Earthlings have done a fantastic job of fully researching and highlighting these issues. This has led to a new surge in vegans who are vegan “for the planet”, or “for logic” as well as the most common reason which is that they are vegan “for the animals”.

Being vegan is logical, for your health, for the planet and of course for all the animals who want to just live their normal intended lives, without human intervention, unless we are there to help.

At TheVeganKind We want people to realize that when they go vegan, they can rely us to show them just how easy and fulfilling it is; that they will find their life enriched massively, and that they will very quickly be left wanting for absolutely nothing.

We can help in 2 ways:

  • Our Online Vegan Supermarket

The vegan produce market is expanding every week with new vegan cheeses, vegan meats, vegan creams, vegan milks etc appearing all the time. There are dairy-free options for everything, and meat-free options for all the products a meat-eater or vegetarian may feel that they will miss out on. A vegan does NOT have a limited diet any more. In fact there are literally thousands upon thousands of products (as well as all the fruit and veg Mother Earth provides us).

In our online Vegan Supermarket, we have a HUGE range of goods – and you don’t need to worry about checking the labels. Everything is 100% vegan. We also have our finger right on the pulse, and add new stock every day. We have plenty of options to choose from. You can find all the food you need to fulfill yourself as a vegan at the TheVeganKind Vegan Supermarket. From fresh fruits, wholefoods, vegan chocolate, a  wide array of vegetables, bread, pasta, vegan doughnuts, sauces, soups, ‘vegan meats’, vegan cheeses and more. We ship them straight to your doorstep with Free Shipping options available too.

  • Our amazing Subscription Boxes

Also, at TheVeganKind you can choose your own subscription box where we scour the market and find exciting new vegan products every month, package them up lovingly, and ship them straight to your door. We take away the hard work for you, and show you that veganism is more accessible than ever, with new options and products appearing all the time. We guarantee that the value of the box is astonishing compared to what you pay, and we also donate 10p every month to a different animal related charity.

Simply select your desired box; The Lifestyle Box or Beauty Box and then pick your plan. You ca choose from monthly, quarterly, 6‑monthly or annual billing, getting fantastic savings along the way. You can even cancel at anytime!

We ship within 4 working days of the 1st of the month and we have over 600 5* Reviews on Facebook – the most common comment being “It’s like having a Birthday every month”.

We hope to welcome you aboard the TVK train as the world goes vegan. Hop on.

Choo chooooo - LET's GO <3

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