Snacks - Beond Bars (Various Flavours)

Beond Bars (Various Flavours)


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Beond Organic Raw Blueberry. 100% organic blueberry bar bursting with juicy berry goodness. The humble blueberry might be small but it packs a powerful punch. High in Vitamin C and in immune-boosting antioxidants, as well as low in fat, it's no wonder the blueberry is often haled as a wonder fruit.

Ingredients: Raw dates*, raw almonds*, raw agave nectar*, raw blueberry* (2%), natural blueberry flavour (*organic).

Beond Organic Raw Sour Cherry. natural and organic beond bars come in a range of tantalizing flavours, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Sour Cherry Decadent, delicious and totally good for you.

Ingredients: Dates*cashews*sour cherries* (15%)date syrup*.(*organic).

Beond Organic Raw Acai Berry & Raspberry. Beond Acai and Raspberry bar is extremely healthy, vegan-friendly and has no added sugar. It is also packed with nutrients. 100% natural and packed with organic ingredients. Acai berries are stacked high with anti-oxidants - nutrients that protect the body from free radicals that destroy cells and which are thought to cause disease.

Ingredients: Raw dates*,raw cashews*,date syrup*raspberries (4.7%),raw a--a-- powder* (2%),natural raspberry flavour,(*organic).

Beond Organic Raw Baobab & Pineapple. Baobab and Pineapple combine in this deliciously fruity 100% organic bar. Decadent, delicious and totally good for you. Only 100% certified organic ingredients go into our Baobab Pineapple Beond bars. High in health-giving antioxidants, with a low GI, and bursting to the max with flavour, it's the perfect alternative to a sugar-packed fruit bar.

Ingredients: Raw dates*, raw cashews*, raw pineapple* (10%), raw baobab (3.5%), natural pineapple flavour *denotes organic.