Vegan Meats - Clearspot Organic Original Tofu (280g)

Clearspot Tofu (Various) (280g)


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Tofu is bean curd, made from soya. It's high in protein, low in calories and fat and although it's low in fibre, it is a great source of calcium. Plain tofu tastes very bland but it absorbs flavours really well and will take on the taste of whatever you cook it with, even sweet and tangy things.


Water, organically grown soya beans, nigari (mineral extract of salt).


Beechwood smoked tofu.

Clearspot tofu has been naturally smoked using beechwood chips leaving the tofu with a delicate yet full smokey flavour. Clearspot smoked tofu is perfect for any dish for a vegan or vegetarian alternative.


Tofu* (water, soya bean*, nigari) natural smoke (beechwood chips, sea salt).
*denotes organically grown.
Nigaria is a mineral extract of sea salt.


Tofu marinated in a blend of tamari and cider vinegar.

Clearspot tofu has been marinated in a perfect spice blend from Tamari and cider vinegar. Clearspot's marinated tofu is perfect for any oriental dish for a vegetarian or vegan alternative.


Tofu* (water, soya beans*, nigari), cider vinegar*, spices*, tamari (water, soya beans*, salt), sea salt.
*Denotes organically grown.
Nagari is a mineral extract of sea salt.


Organic Oriental Tofu from ClearSpot

This product is a high source of protein,made using only natural ingredients that make it very tasty. Its flavour is given by the chilli and aromatic spices. The perfect vegan addition to your oriental dishes.


Tofu (97%) (water, soya beans*, nigard, cane sugar*, red chilli powder*, sea salt, garlic powder*, mint powder*, ground cumin*, ground black pepper*,  ginger powder*,lemon grass powder, desiccated coconut*.