Baby - Goodness Gracious - 4m+ - Pear Puree (100g)

Goodness Gracious - 4m+ - Pear Puree (100g)

Goodness Gracious

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We turn sweet, juicy pears into a delicious puree for children and grown-ups to enjoy alike. Like all our recipes, our pear puree is free from any hidden preservatives, salt, gluten and sugar. We think pears are perfect as they are, and so will your kids.

Keep our pear purees in your kitchen cupboard for up to a year without refrigeration. By making use of clever foil packaging, when you open the pouch the puree will be as fresh and vitamin-packed as the day we made it.

Our purees are available in many shops throughout Switzerland and France, for a full list of our stockists please click here.

Did you know…
Babies are born with 300 soft bones that, as they grow, meld, and so as adults we only have 206.