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Goody Good Stuff - Sour Mix Match

Goody Good Stuff

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Goody Good Stuff's Sour Mix & Match gummy sweets are made using natural ingredients. They are gluten free, gelatine free, fat free and contain no artificial colours. These sugar coated sour jelly sweets are double-ended giving you a different deliciously tangy flavour on each end. Guaranteed to make your taste buds tingle. Goody Good Stuff is an all-new natural gummy candy range that is made with a plant derived bio-gum technology, which eliminates the need for animal-based gelatine, which most traditional gummy candies use.


Glucose syrup, sugar, modified starch, gelling agent: carrageenan, acidulant: citric acid, malic acid, acidity regulator: sodium citrates, sodium malates,  natural flavours, natural orange flavour, natural apricot flavour with other natural flavours, natural grape flavour with other natural flavours, colour: caramelised sugar, concentrated dyes (radish, apple, blackcurant, pumpkin, carrot), curcuma extract, stinging nettle extract, spinach extract. May contain traces of wheat starch