Snack Bars - Mule Bar - Mango & Cashew

Mule Bar - Mango & Cashew

Mule Bar

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MuleBar Fair Trade Mango Tango (Mango & Cashew) - Energy Bar.

Mango and Cashew Nut Natural Energy Bar, A seriously tasty, two-stepping tango on your tongue. This Fairtrade energy bar is loaded with 28% taste bud tingling organic Mango with nutrient rich cashew nuts. We created this mix of 100% natural ingredients with your performance in mind. UK sourced oats provide endurance boosting steady release energy, whilst rice syrup and puffed rice give the body quick absorbing carbohydrates. Our classic mix of MuleBar ingredients is easy on the stomach and free from artificial nasty's. So don your dancing shoes and have a Mango Tango! 40g per bar is the perfect portion size for dancer's and adventurer's alike! 201 Kcal boost per bar.

Ingredients: Rice Syrup, Dried Mango 28%, Oats 10%, Cashew Nuts 9%, Barley flakes 9%, Oatmeal 6%, Water, Soya Flour, Puffed Amaranth 2%, Sunflower Oil.