Tea Face Healing Hydration Scrub (280ml)

Tea Face

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Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with:

  • gently exfoliating & revitalising skin
  • deeply nourishing skin
  • healing scars
  • addressing uneven skin tone
  • glowing complexion

Indulgence in a jar.

Teaface is a glorious mix of TinyTea granules combined with healing high grade essential oils. Add to that amalgamation; an exotic scent of ylang ylang to soothe one’s soul. We believe in pampering your skin with natural products, straight from the earth and back to you.


Whilst the ingredients of TeaFace may seem fairly obvious, we can assure you it's not.

We searched high and low to source these high grade essential oils to combine with our high quality TinyTea granules.

Our oils are sourced from various areas of the globe where they are inherent to being produced.

After much testing, smelling and sharing – our final recipe for was decided upon and voila’… we were able to bring you indulgence in a jar, with love from us.

Alas, let us elaborate below how each glorious ingredient plays a role in pampering and enhancing your skin.


It is said that Rosehip Oil is full of fat – fatty acids that is!

Omega 3, 6 and 9 are all present in this oil and traditionally speaking, it has been widely used for deep hydration of dry, cracked and sore skin. Especially those tough places such as elbows, knees, cracked lips and on the face as a deep penetrating mask. According to many, Rosehip Oil on its own is powerful enough to hydrate skin in need... and since we combine it with many other enriching essential oils, Rosehip packs a hydration punch in TeaFace.

Not only renowned for its moistening benefits, Rosehip Oil also contains a sweet aromatic flavour that is widely enjoyed by many.


You know what they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, you can’t judge an oil by its smell either! Whilst Patchouli Oil may not have the most endearing smell of all the oils, it is by far one of the most powerful of oils.

Patchouli is actually used in herbal form in our TinyTea and is largely responsible for healing old scar tissue and evening out skin tone that we see reported by our lovely customers.

Patchouli in oil form, performs the same duties – only on a much deeper level.

Patchouli Oil has been traditionally used to protect skin from infections and wounds from deepening. Further more, it is said to aid in tightening the skin/increasing skin elasticity (au revoir wrinkles), clearing old scar tissue from cuts, pimples and boils and stimulating new cell growth.

Patchouli is one of our favourite natural occurrences here at Your Tea – so never mind the smell because it does a hell of a healing job!


Yet another wonderful ntural oil, Jojoba is extremely light and does not clog the pores. Instead, it is said to dissolve sebum that clogs up pores. Those stagnant skin cells can otherwise cause dandruff and flaky skin. Thank you Jojoba.

Naturally hypoallergenic, Jojoba Oil contains some powerful antioxidants and as a result is used by many to achieve younger looking, hydrated skin.


The distinct scent of TeaFace is largely due to the aromatic Ylang Ylang oil. Indeed, it isn’t just a beautifully scented oil – traditionally it has been used to moderate oily skin, calm blemishes, tackle premature ageing and stimulate new skin cell growth.

Said to calm the mind and spirit, Ylang Ylang doesn’t stop there – it has been traditionally used to release unwanted anger and negative emotions via balancing the body. Amen for that!


Who hasn’t heard of the accolades Coconut Oil receives for skin health?! Indeed, Coconut Oil is touted to work wonders for the skin – especially when high grade cold pressed Coconut Oil is used… like we have in TeaFace!

The benefits of Coconut Oil are said to be plentiful. Softening the skin is a common positive from this natural wonder and can/is widely used straight from jar, to face/body/hair.

Coconut Oil is also said to have antibacterial qualities, hence it can be useful for eradicating skin irritations including rashes and eczema.

Of course, it is also touted as a wonderful enriching substance for the skin and further more, offers the skin a hydrated healthy appearance.

Indeed, Coconut Oil is beyond multi talented.


Our world renowned TinyTea makes a very obvious and much needed appearance in TeaFace.

Why? Well, let us begin.

As many of you may know, your skin is your largest organ. As such, it soaks up both substances applied to the skin, and absorbs those found in the environment - including pollutants in the air.

By including TinyTea granules in TeaFace, this allows many of the other wise ingested benefits of TinyTea to be soaked into the skin. The primary benefits of including TinyTea in our scrub, is the cooling effect of the tea granules alleviating hot/irritated skin, the drawing out effect of the granules and healing benefits of Patchouli herb.

The tea granules in TinyTea also act as a soft yet effective exfoliant for the skin. Ensuring the exfoliation process is gentle is certainly vital - as harsh materials can irritate, break and even hinder skin health. Gentle is the operative word.

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