Gift Box - #TVK39 OUR LATEST BOX! January (Veganuary) Lifestyle Box

#TVK39 OUR LATEST BOX! January (Veganuary) Lifestyle Box


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Nina’s Popcorn Cacao, Goji Berries and Pistachios               30g (RRP £1.99)                                                       

Nina’s Popcorn have created a naturally nutritious superfood popcorn, by using antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients, they have created a popcorn snack that is both delicious and nutritious. Nina's Popcorn is made using 100% plant-based ingredients and is gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free. Hand popped in coconut oil, using artisan kettles and lightly coated with a whisper of 100% natural maple syrup, cacao goji berries and pistachios. Healthy snacking never tasted so good. We are absolutely obsessed with their beautiful packaging, how gorgeous and totally ‘instagram-able’!    Twitter: @ninaspopcorn   Instagram: @ninaspopcorn


YumEarth Sour Jelly Beans                                                           (RRP £3.50)  

This lovely bag of zinginess contains oodles of delicious cruelty free jelly beans. There’s no gelatin, no shellac, no beeswax and no scary looking E numbers. Using only natural flavours and real fruit juices these Sour Beans contain Vitamin C and are free of all 14 common allergens including nuts and soya as well as being gluten free. You can buy from Better Little Treats online, from independent health food shops and they have recently launched in Whole Foods Market stores too! These beans are so YUM it’s hard to stop eating them, and as they are made with real fruit juices and contain lots of Vitamin C, they are certainly a guilt free treat!

EU Ingredients Label -

Assorted Fruit Flavoured Sour Sugar Coated Gummies Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Starch (from Tapioca, Corn or Rice), Modified Starch (from Tapioca, Corn or Rice), Acids: Fumaric, Tartaric; Ascorbic Acid, Natural Flavourings (Mango, Peach, Pomegranate, Apple), Fruit juice from concentrate (0.2%)(Apple); Glazing Agent: Acacia Gum; Vegetable Juice from concentrate: Purple Carrot; Colour: Beta Carotene Typical Nutrition Information
Energy kJ Fat (g) of which saturates (g) Carbohydrates (g) of which sugars (g) Fibre (g) Protein (g) Salt (g) Vitamin C (mg)
1577KJ/377 Kcals 0 0 93 74 0 0 0.02 308
315KJ/75Kcals 0 0 19 15 0 0 0.004 62
Keep in a cool and dry place
Net weight: 113.4G       Twitter: @yumearthuk   Instagram: @yumearthuk


Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks Sweet Chilli and Lemon     105g (RRP £1.79)


Yushoi is a delicious baked snack made using green peas, a perfect alternative to fried potato crisps, these snacks will leave you fuller for longer thanks to them being high in fibre and a good source of protein. Better still, there’s no need to compromise on taste with Yushoi, you can have this as a healthy snack with lunch or pour some in a bowl to share with friends and family. When we first worked with Yushoi they had only just launched in the UK so we are so happy to see them popping up everywhere now, it’s great to see a healthy, vegan friendly and incredibly more-ish snack readily available in Tesco, Coop, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods Market, Ocado and Amazon!                Twitter:  @YushoiSnacks   Instagram: @yushoisnacks


Rebel Kitchen Banana Mylk                                                200ml (RRP £1.10)  


Rebel Kitchen is here to shake up the world of snacks! Their Mylks are the ultimate healthy sweet treat without any added nasties. Rebel Kitchen’s range of dairy free coconut mylks are simply made with coconut milk, spring water from Somerset and only organic date nectar for sweetness. This delicious banana mylk contains only coconut milk, crushed banana, date nectar and cacao, we love it!          Twitter: @rebel_kitchen   Instagram: @rebel_kitchen


TPlus Drinks Multivitamin Vitamin Enriched Smarter Teas Pillow Pack                        


Say hello to a new generation of vitamin enriched healthy hot drinks! t plus drinks are an all new range of nutrient dense, great tasting hot drinks. They blend green tea, functional botanicals, natural fruit flavourings and 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins (including vitamins C and B12!) per tea bag to make an all new range of smarter teas!                Twitter: @tplusdrinks      Instagram: @tplusdrinks


TheVeganKind Badge Pack                                                          (RRP £3.50)


Introducing our brand new badge pack! A lovely subtle way to show off your love for animals (and avocado’s!) Perfect to add to your coat, bag or uniform. Remember to tag us in your pictures @thevegankind, we can’t wait to see you wearing these!           Twitter: @thevegankind            Instagram: @thevegankind


Conscious Chocolate Orange Raw Chocolate Mini Bar       15g (RRP £0.80)                                                       


This celebrated bar by Conscious Chocolate organic essential oils of orange and tangerine, and yummy Cacao solids. The harmonious blend of orange and tangerine oils in this bar is both comforting and uplifting to the senses. Their raw, hand-made artisan chocolate is certified as organic and vegan, with a low gi as it is only sweetened with agave nectar. We love how cute this little bar is, perfect for a guilt free treat!  Twitter: @consciouschoc Instagram: @consciouschocolate


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