Vegan "Experience" Gift Box - Perfect for Vegetarians going Vegan!


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Vegan Cheese and Onion Crisps, Vego bar, Egg-free 'Mayo', Gelatine-free Sweets, Vegan Whipped Cream...
Ok so clearly this box is perfect for everyone regardless of their dietary persuasions (allergies allowing), but as you can see we did tailor it in mind of vegetarians going vegan - showing all the amazing options you can have in replacement of animal products!
If you are already vegan - you can definitely still buy this box, all for yourself, and eat it in one solitary weekend (or night). Don't feel bad, it's just such great value you'd feel guilty not doing it.. We understand!
For everyone else - this is the PERFECT Gift :)
  • Sample the full Vegan experience, without breaking the bank.
  • Item comes beautifully packaged with branded TVK tissue paper and a protective TVK outer bag to ensure the box remains in perfect condition.
  • Box can be sent directly to the recipient if it's a gift, simply enter their address in the delivery section at check out.
  • Carefully selected, excellent quality vegan items. We have done the hard work gathering these top products together for you and we just know you will love them 
  • 12 Items in this Box - great value for money
  • Terra Vegane Mac n Cheez, Shlagfix Whipped Cream, Ten Acre Cheese & Onion Crisps, Large Vego Chocolate Bar.
  • Really Not Dairy Roasted Garlic Mayo, Freedom Mallows - Vanilla, iChoc - White Vanilla, Organica Golden Coconut Delight, Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie, Goupie Chocolates - Salted Sticky Toffee, Sarelle Bar, Candy Kittens - Pineapple.
  • Items may differ to the picture shown but will always have a similar value.

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