Vegusto Sandwich Slices - Deli Style (200g)

Vegusto Sandwich Slices - Deli Style (200g)


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Swiss vegan sandwich slices with a peppery rind, these large Deli-style Sandwich Slices are also tender and slightly smoked. Enjoy them within soft wholemeal rolls, with roasted red pepper and avocado hummus.

Vegusto Sandwich Slices are 100% plant-based, making healthy and tasty sandwich fillings which are suitable for vegetarians, high in protein and free from soya and hydrogenated fat, cholesterol and palm oil.


Water, wheat protein (gluten), vegetable oils and fats non-hydr. (canola, coconut), spices (contains celery), rock salt, potato starch, natural smoke flavour, vegetable concentrate, lemon juice, binder (guar gum,xanthan), rice starch, wheat fibers (gluten-free)

Allergens: gluten, celery

Produced with energised water using Schauberger technology in a 100% vegetarian, vegan factory. Vegusto use no palm oil in our production.